Technologies proven to address our client’s needs with high speed and low drag

Who We AreWho We Are

Cloud Front Group is an agile business with expertise across the Big Data eco-system including platform development, data acceleration, infrastructure, analytics, search, cyber-security, and mobility gained through decades of hands-on experience architecting and delivering innovative solutions to complex business in both the commercial and public sector communities.

73-radarWhat We Do

Combining our team of industry recognized subject matter experts, strong cross-functional high technology relationships and our proven problem solving approaches we specialize in aligning our best of breed technology partners to solve the complex data and analytics challenges our clients face. Our track record of reducing time horizons normally associated with high technology deliveries while navigating complex sales and procurement requirements accelerates the overall time to market while reducing risk and cost.

101-gameplanHow We Work

We leverage our portfolio of game-changing technologies with capabilities to collect multi-source, disparate, and unstructured data and apply robust analytics to empower mission critical decision-making. Combined with our high speed, low drag model we produce custom tailored, innovative solutions for our customers.

Cloud Front Group provides unique services that help us meet the goal of remaining ahead of the technology curve. Their fresh views of the business landscape ensure that we have the right information, connections, and momentum to achieve success.

- Rob Castle, President, NuWave Solutions

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