About Us

Platform, Pedigree, Advocacy

Cloud Front Group takes the view that successful missions start and end with the clearest expectations of how technology can be made to help, not burden. Our view starts with seeing the entire objective, including the people that produce or consume, as a single, unified intelligence platform.

Cloud Front Group is an agile business with expertise in cyber security, big data analytics, and mobility gained through decades of hands-on experience providing solutions to commercial enterprises as well as the intelligence and war-fighter communities. Leveraging our portfolio of game-changing analytical technologies and expertise to deliver an innovative solutions that best align with our customers needs:

  • We focus on understanding our customers needs a data potential to design solutions that provide forward looking actionable information.
  • Forging deep relationships within the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and Public Sector to understand their requirements, budgets, and procurement processes.
  • We focus on improving the nation’s analytics capabilities while addressing the reality of a vastly reduced funding landscape.
  • High speed, low drag solutions delivered in the Cloud that arm war-fighters and analysts with the tools they need to make better, faster and more accurate decisions.
  • We remain loyal defenders of the platform, which is often left defenseless to politics and personality.

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