Making Sense of Data Architecture

Cloud Front Group designs economically sustainable platforms that remain agile to the relentless pace of technological innovation, as well as the constantly evolving mission parameters.

From acquisition to analytics, our consulting and technology expertise helps drive the Big Data ecosystems for the future at scale while reducing fielding costs.

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The Cloud Front Group team brings expertise in designing innovative solutions to complex business challenges while ensuring efficient time to market delivery and substantial cost savings. The CFG team leverages ‘best of breed’ technologies and industry leading partners to construct a conceptual framework, realize the solution and establish intelligence against the information to deliver timely and actionable information.

  • Unified Data Access Framework
  • Data Acceleration
  • Object-based storage
  • Visual Search Solutions
  • Virtualized Server Automation
  • Data Aggregation and Monitoring
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cloud-based application testing
  • Cyber Security

Solutions Overview
Cloud Front Group has the expertise to temper globally complex mission requirements with the experience born from some of the largest commercial computing infrastructures on the planet. Our mission is to ensure your mission is successful by being the Trusted Advisor with experience integrating ‘best of breed’ technologies to solve complex modern challenges.


Through a comprehensive process of understanding our customers needs, aligning technology and solid delivery methodology Cloud Front Group is able to successfully deliver robust, scalable and secure solutions at a cost savings over traditional approaches. This approach delivers a modern data “lake” that is affordable at scale and enables aggregation, ingestion for search, long term storage, ETL, staging, dataset grooming, optimization of existing data warehouses and analysis capabilities to efficiently investigate mission critical information.

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